Bargaining platform

for restaurants and farmers

It’s impossible and time consuming to go around bargaining with every farmer to help you save, but with Fruver you can!

The Problem

Small farmers produce quality goods but lack the network and skills to secure huge supply contracts, while small restaurants need affordable produce but it’s impossible to know and bargain with multiple farmers.

Millions of small family farms

Millions of small family farms with quality produce lack the network needed to secure large supply contracts.

Struggle to secure cheaper produce

Small resturants, hotels & food trucks struggle to secure quality produce at a profitable price, forcing many to reduce items from their menu.

Minimum Order Quantity

Many large farmers and suppliers demand that restaurants purchase produce in large quantities to benefit from competitive prices, leading to excess inventory.

Unstable Quality

Small restaurants often receive lower-quality inventory when they place last-minute orders.

Reducing Inefficiencies

Most small restaurant owners spend over 12 hours in their kitchens and lack the time to focus on procurement, leading to inefficiencies in their operations.

Organic Food Challanges

Consumers are demanding organic products, but these items are by nature more difficult to stock and preserve. Therefore they’ll require on demand.

Our Solution

Our platform helps restaurants, food trucks, and hotels bargain and source quality, affordable products on-demand from independent farmers.

Negotiate with farmers

It’s next to impossible and time consuming to go around the city getting quotes and bargaining with every farmer to find the best prices while also managing your business.

Bargain with hundreds of local farmers and vendors to help you save. You can filter based on your needs!

    Using AI to find quality produce

    Avoid spending money on low-quality produce. Our technology assists you in identifying top-quality produce and predicting its shelf life.

      Voice Automation

      We want you to focus on growing your business therefore. Use our voice automation system and tell us what you need for your kitchen.

        Less time sourcing, more time growing

        Most small resturant and food truck owners spend over 12 hours in their kitchen. Our platform helps tracks your inventory and re-stock it automaically!

          Our Customers

          Our platform helps restaurants, food trucks, and hotels save more by finding the best bargains.

          “Our hotel serves food around the clock so we needed to partner with farmers who can deliver our organic inventory on-demand.”

          Arvin Kalloo

          Managing Director

          Autograph Collection Hotels

          Trinidad & Tabago